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Enjoy our Wisdom Anthology and your choice of Black V-Neck ARTemis Arts Active Logo Shirt.



The First-Ever Anthology of Plays and Screenplays by Women over 50

Much has been said about the need for diversity in the arts industry, but its deep-seated ageism is often overlooked. Opportunities are most often afforded to the same set of young, prodigious, and mostly male creators. While these men default to a seasoned, wizened status as their careers mature, talented female artists often simply become . . . INVISIBLE.


The ARTemis Arts Wisdom Anthology is the antidote to women over fifty going unrecognized in the arts industry. Inside you’ll find fifteen works, all new, all unproduced, some ready for the stage, some for workshops, three for the screen, and all written by women of age who have faced severely limited opportunities to test, produce, or publish these works. From ten-minute and one-act-plays to full length and screenplays, each piece is a testimony to the wisdom of these women, proving that age should never be a barrier to an artists’ opportunity and that the phrase “emerging artists” should have no number in front of it.


“The word ‘emerging’ looms over every initiative. Everywhere one looks, there is a search for the next ‘emerging’ artists to break through. The default definition of ‘emerging’ seems to be young and unknown. But what of writers over fifty who have yet to be discovered-who are young in spirit, full of passion, blessed with wisdom born of life’s experiences?”

                                                                                                                       -FROM THE FORWARD BY VALARIE CURTIS-NEWTON

The ARTemis Arts Wisdom Anthology

features plays and screenplays by:


Mimi Ayers

Marjorie Bicknell

Rebecca Cutter

Ellen Doyle

Yvette Heylinger

Irene Aubry Kellogg

Brenda Kensworthy

Marilyn MacCracken

Vita Partick Morales

Dana Schwartz

Nancy Temple

Rosemary Frisino Toohey

Andrea Trotenberg

Loretta Bolger Wish



Black V-Neck T-shirt   

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